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Guest Post by Jackson Allen: The Most Important Story of all

We have a rule in our house--no PG13 movies until you're 13. There are three exceptions--Star Wars, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, and the Avengers series. The last exception was added so that my oldest son, Jackson, could enjoy the greatest movie phenomenon of his childhood years. We watched most of the movies at home with filters from Clear Play (, but for Avengers: Endgame, we decided that he could watch it in the theater on opening weekend. His price for admission was the following essay--an analysis of the movie in light of the gospel.

Warning! If you have not seen End Game, do not read this. Everyone knows End Game is an awesome movie, but something most people don’t know is this: all stories relate to the Bible. In this article, I will tell you how Avengers: End Game relates to the Bible. First, we will talk about the Fall, which was when sin entered, because it relates to Infinity Wars. After that, we will talk about the aftermath of Thanos' "snap" including its impact on Thor, Hawkeye, and the people. Then, after discussing the aftermath, we will talk about the one way (or one circumstance).

Infinity Wars ended in a huge hunk of havoc. Most of the super heroes had silently vanished into thin air. After we left the theater, we knew something was wrong. Think about that. Infinity wars, which was brutal, is in many ways like the fall. Sadly, we failed just like the super heroes. As soon as the fall occurred, we knew something was wrong because it is just our nature to do so.

Now, consider the aftermath of "the snap." Thor, Hawkeye, and the people sadly changed. After their friends, neighbors, and family disappeared, they had nothing to live for. Hawkeye became an assassin. Thor became fat, careless, and lazy. Because of these events, the people had no idea what to live for. Just like us, the people, who had survived Thanos were desperate. The people were looking for a savior just like we all feel the need for a savior --we often wonder if there are any heroes left.

Finally, consider the "one way." At the end of End Game, Thanos is once again holding the gantlet (the all powerful weapon that can destroy everyone with just a snap). Everyone is incredibly beat up, which is why Thanos thinks he has won. Behind Thanos, Iron Man (Tony Stark) looks up to see Doctor Strange hold up one finger and say, “One way.” Epically, Iron Man attacks Thanos, but Thanos just punches him out of the way. Then Thanos declares, “I am inevitable” and snaps. Nothing happens. Tony lifts his hand, and we all see it-- a glove containing all the infinity stones. Staring at Thanos, Tony replies, “And I am Iron Man.” We all cheered as Tony/Iron Man snapped his fingers to use the power of the infinity stones against Thanos. Then as the heroes were cheering, Thanos and his army disintegrated.

Sadly, as Thanos loses and the heroes cheer, Iron Man, Tony Stark, dies from the power of the snap. This scene should remind us of when Jesus sacrificed himself to get the keys to death and Hell. God told Jesus there was only one way--one circumstance--and Jesus died to save us.

The Avengers movies reflect the gospel story. The "snap", the aftermath of the snap, and the "one way" each remind us of the gospel. All stories reflect the gospel, even if it is not obvious. The gospel is very important. In fact, it is the most important story of all!

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Jackson, great job! I love the Avenger movies. What a great job of showing us the parallel between the story in Endgame and the greatest story ever of Jesus conquering sin and death!

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