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A COVID 19 Decision-Making Tool for In-Person Gatherings

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Should we meet in-person for worship? What about children's ministries, student ministries, small groups, flower committee meetings? Ok, so we don't have a flower committee, but if we did, right now we would have to determine whether or not we will meet in-person. Our staff has worked with a team of volunteers from the medical and government fields to develop a decision-making tool, and we want to make it available to other churches and leaders.

First, let me make a few comments about the tool.

  1. This is not medical or legal advice. You're on your own for that!

  2. The best decisions are made at the local level by local church leaders. What is right for us might not be right for you.

  3. The tool is designed to evaluate factors in our church family and in the larger, local community. Both are important.

  4. This tool might . . . probably will . . . ok, certainly will change. It is designed to give us consistency and clarity for what we believe is going to be a months-long process. In order to maintain consistency, we will not change it lightly, but I have no doubt that we will need to make adjustments as we move ahead.

  5. Versions in .jpeg, .docx, PDF are available below.

Covid Threat Levels and Ministry Plans
Download DOCX • 21KB
Covid Threat Levels and Ministry Plans
Download PDF • 59KB

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